Merchant Service Level Agreement

These Merchant Service Level Requirements, in conjunction with the Merchant Terms of Service, are an integral part of the Agreement and apply to the Merchant’s activities in providing the service of preparing the Orders.


1.1 When the Customer has placed an Order, the Merchant ensures that the confirmation ("Accept") of said Order will be accepted, (or rejected), within 5 minutes from receiving the Order notification. If the Merchant has not marked the Order as “Accepted” within 5 minutes, Kwikmart has the right to cancel the Order unilaterally and cause the reimbursement of the Order Total to the Customer.

1.2 In the event that the Merchant cannot provide the Goods as it was requested in the Order Details, the Merchant shall not confirm the Order in the Kwikmart Food Platform and shall contact the Customer on the phone number provided on the Order. The Merchant should offer (if reasonably possible) to replace the Goods for the same Goods Price that the Customer has already paid. If no agreement is reached, the Merchant shall notify Kwikmart thereof, by cancelling ("Reject")  the Order on the Kwikmart Merchant app/dashboard.

1.3 If the Merchant has run out of certain Goods, the Merchant shall mark that Goods as unavailable (by disabling the Product) in the Kwikmart Food Platform as soon as reasonably possible.


2.1 The Merchant ensures that the Goods are prepared, handled and stored in accordance with all requirements arising from applicable law, (as well as any food hygiene and safety requirements in case the Goods contain food or beverages), at all times up to and including the time of delivery of the ordered Goods to the Customer. 

2.2 The Merchant ensures that all Orders will be prepared within the preset time-frame indicated on the Kwikmart Food Platform. The Order shall be ready to be picked up by the Delivery Agent no earlier than within the last 5 minutes of the Goods preparation time frame. 


3.1 The Merchant ensures their Trading Hours will remain static and available on the Kwikmart Food Platform for no less than 40 hours per 7 day period. Trading Hours means the whole time period during which the Merchant accepts Orders and prepares Goods for pickup by Delivery Agents.